Park Model RVs for Sale

Need a Pad for Your New RV?

Need a Pad for Your New RV?

Trust our park model RV dealers in or around Stanton, TX

When going camping, taking a park model RV is a great idea. If you need one, let Country Homes of Stanton know. We offer park model RVs for sale from Champion Homes in Stanton, TX and the surrounding areas. These are a favorite among campers because they can fit full-size appliances, come with built-in storage cabinets and have covered porches. Our park model RV dealers can't wait to hear how much you love it.

Discover our process for getting a park model RV

Buying a park model RV doesn't have to be a hard, stressful process. Once you talk to one of our park model RV dealers, we'll:

  • Go over your needs and wants
  • Find the best options that suit your needs
  • Review the various financing options we have available
  • Schedule your RV delivery to the location of your choice
We'll also install a pad for you to place your RV. Call us today to ask about our park model RVs for sale.